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Plugs Needed To Connect Phone/laptop To Dj Mixer

Youtube Videos

A long overdue video about the cables needed to connect your phone, tablet, ipod, or laptop to any DJ mixer

Shop for Plugs Needed To Connect Phone/laptop To Dj Mixer

Youtube Videos
  • Do I need a mixer with my dj controller The only reason you would use an external mixer would be if you needed: - More Mic inputs - Better control over your mic - Better Main Outs (say if you're running through a large PA system...
  • How to Handle Poor Android Audio Performance Have you ever experienced poor audio performance with your Android phone or tablet? In this video, Eric from Gemini will show you the workaround we developed for this Android-based issue! STEP...
  • How to connect an iPhone to a Mixer This video demonstrates How to connect an iPhone to a Mixer Board in a Sound System. This would be handy if you wer needing to bradcast an event on the telephone, and possibly have the phone...
  • Could You DJ at a Club Using Only Your Phone? Recently we have been featuring apps for DJing on the smallest of devices (the DeeJay app for the Apple Watch for example, see our Facebook page), each time stating whilst they are fun to play...

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