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Whats Up Billy O'neill ? Skate Talk Episode #10

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Originally from NYC, Billy O´Neill also know as Fish, made a name for himself in the aggressive inline skating industry in the early 2000´s. He was never a Pro Skater for Razors, but he had some of the better video parts as an amateur then some pro back at the EGO video from Razors. Billy ended up being a PRO for USD skates and later for Shima´s skate company SSM. Listen to this podcast to know how most of this happened and what´s happening after the Pro skater life. WHATS UP BILLY O'NEILL ? SKATE TALK EPISODE #10 Hope you enjoy the 90 minute talk with one of the most influential skating individuals in 2017. 01:04 - Whats up with USD? 02:50 - Why people call you Fish? 05:20 - Back in NYC? 06:40 - I don't like having a Boss 13:00 - Create Originals and invitational event. 14:00 - I came from a skating generation that didn't had a lot of opportunity 16:15 - Murda first Razors Pro Skate 16:50 - Create Originals again 21:14 - What i have learned from being on MindGame. 22:40 - How i kinda got fired from USD. 26:00 - How i got into SSM team 28:30 - Jc Rowe kinda fucked my life 32:00 - I was Payed 1/3 of what i was expecting from SSM and never got a pro model 34:20 - I wasn't doing the most intelligent skating but i wanted it to be exciting. 35:15 - Why i wanted to be retired as a pro skater was.. 36:15 - USD AEON Billy O´Neill Pro model 38:47 - I dont like Jc Rowe 41:30 - Why were you skating with SEBA skates at Summer Clash in 2015? 44:15 - Mike Schmitt is fucking cool 46:00 - Jon Bolino is the lead singer of my Band 48:00 - I have skated the big wheels. 49:55 - I want a pair of f*cking grinding quads 50:50 - Let me get the legend hook up from powerslide 51:50 - I don't know which skating website to look for anymore 52:20 - Jan Welch and 53:10 - Mixing skating disciplines 55:50 - Skating is the coolest thing 56:46 - WE NEED MORE OF THE F*CK YOU ATTITUDE! 58:38 - Sean Kean and alex broskow 1:02:08 - Eugen Enin Skating. 1:03:20 - Why I never turned pro for Razors 1:06:55 - Free skating is helping Aggressive skating. 1:09:20 - my back is f*cked up! 1:13:25 - Racism 1:21:26 - If you could choose a place in the world to move to, where would it be? 1:22:08 - Accident in Barcelona WHATS UP BILLY O'NEILL ? SKATE TALK EPISODE #10 don't forget to SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL !! Support The Lino Life: Camera Gear used in my videos: - VLOG camera - - MAIN Camera - - DRONE - - MICROPHONE - - TRIPOD - - ACTION CAMERA - instagram: @ricardolino twitter: @thelinolife facebook:

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