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  • RECORDING YOUR DJ LIVESET WITH ANDROID PHONE. No ikey or extern sound recorder ,or no line in in your laptop, Or you didn't want to record your set ub your Dj Software, (more cpu load and maybe latency drops. Connect an external USB soundcard...
  • How To Record DJ Mixes The Proper Way I've been asked this question many times. The number one flaw that many new and beginning dis do is use the audio that they record from their camera directly onto their videos or even use that...
  • How to Setup a Mix Minus See for a complete walkthrough guide for setting up this mix-minus. Want to record Skype calls for your podcast interviews? This is how you do it. ...
  • Mixing Molten Aluminum With Molten Brass What happens if we melt down brass, and melt down aluminum, then mix them together? ..Just curious! FLIR One for Android: Kaowool: Trashcan:...
  • Mastering With Garageband 10 Tip & Tricks Mastering with GB10 is a great way to get your export volume levels up. However there are a few things you need to know BEFORE you master to insure that that actually happens! In this video,...
  • How to Finish a Mix Mixing checklist: The Mix Academy: Anatomy of a Mix:
  • How To Make a #1 Song - WITHOUT TALENT The "multi-platinum" swedish songwriter Roomie shows you how to record a number one song - without talent! Inspired by Brett Domino:

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