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Escort 6000 All In One Portable Sound System | Disc Jockey News | #peavey

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Expanding on one of the most successful and most often imitated portable PA systems in the world, Peavey Electronics is proud to introduce new versions of its innovative Escort® portable PA systems. The Escort series integrates the entire PA system into one complete, easy to use, easy to transport, highly reliable, incredible sounding package, making it the perfect choice for schools, churches, DJs, and small music groups. The new Escort takes the reliability, transportability, and audio quality of the original and combines it with state-of-the-art features such as digital multi-effects, USB MP3 player, Peavey's Midmorph® technology, and our patented FLS® (Feedback Locating System). The carrying case provides storage for everything needed for sound, including plenty of room for optional accessories such as microphones and cables. In addition to the included folding speaker stand, the case even includes luggage style wheels to roll the entire system away. No heavy lifting, just heavy audio! Escort 6000 All In One Portable Sound System | Disc Jockey News | #Peavey

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  • My NEW Karaoke Setup This video was originally uploaded a few months ago, but YouTube UNFAIRLY deleted my account so I had to upload it again. Please subscribe to my channel again to be notified of new videos.

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