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View Numark Party Mix | Starter Dj Controller With Built-in Sound Card & Light Show, And Virtual Dj Le Software Download Details
Numark Party Mi...

Numark Party Mix | Starter Dj Controller With Built-in Sound Card & Light Show,

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for best price Numark Party Mix | Starter DJ Controller with Built-In Sound Card & Light Show, and Virtual DJ LE Software DJ controller with all the basics a hobbyist needs, including the light show Simple plug-and-play computer connection utilizing industry-standard Virtual DJ LE software Built-in soundcard for bedroom practice with headphones in, or connected to speakers for a living room performance Compact chassis complete with dual scratch platters and slider controls Standard DJ feature set includes 8 multi-function pads for looping and sampling, backlit sync controls, and master and cueing audio outputs The Numark Party Mix DJ controller is here to get you ready to be a world-class DJ, and feel like it right away. Plus, the Party Mix has sound-active lights that gives any occasion that perfect party atmosphere. The full-featured controller with a built-in light show is tailored to making it fun and easy for young DJs to spin and party like a pro. Party Mix delivers a genuine DJ experience for enthusiasts at any age and level of proficiency, with dual scratch platters and slider controls for beat matching. First-time DJs will able to seamlessly use their iTunes collection in the included software. No extra setup is required. Just plug, load and play—it’s that simple. We also included the industry-standard Virtual DJ LE software, so players can mix their music and customize their performance exactly as they want. There are eight color-coded pads with multiple modes, including looping and sampling, as part of the standard DJ feature set that also includes master and cueing audio outputs. The backlit Sync controls make mixing easy, and there’s a 1/8-inch headphone jack so the DJ can monitor everything that’s happening, or practice quietly late at night. With Party Mix, now anyone can be a DJ.

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