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  • Overview of noun pyle

    The noun pyle has 1 sense (no senses from tagged texts)

    1. Pyle, Howard Pyle -- (United States writer and illustrator of children's books (1853-1911))
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  • Pyle
    Learn about Pyle
    Pyle (Welsh: Y Pîl) is a village and community in Bridgend county borough, Wales. This large village is served by the A48 road, and lies less than one mile from Junction 37 of the M4 motorway, and is therefore only a half-hour journey from the capital city of Wales, Cardiff; in fact it lies approximately equidistant between the capital (Cardiff) and the second city (Swansea). Learn about Pyle»
  • Pyle stop
    Learn about Pyle stop
    A Pyle stop is a short decompression stop at depths well below the first decompression stop mandated by a conventional dissolved phase decompression algorithm, such as the US Navy or Bühlmann decompression algorithms. Learn about Pyle stop»
  • Pyle's Massacre
    Learn about Pyle's Massacre
    Pyle's Massacre, also known as Pyle's Hacking Match or the Battle of Haw River, was fought during the American Revolutionary War in Orange County, North Carolina (present-day Alamance County, North Carolina), on February 24, 1781, between Patriot and Loyalist North Carolina militia troops. Learn about Pyle's Massacre»
  • Pylea
    Learn about Pylea
    In the fictional universe established by the television series Angel, Pylea is a world in an alternate dimension where demons are the dominant life form and humans are treated as animals to be used as beasts of burden or even food. Learn about Pylea»
  • Pylephlebitis
    Learn about Pylephlebitis
    Pylephlebitis (also called pyelophlebitis and infective suppurative thrombosis of the portal vein) is an uncommon thrombophlebitis of the portal vein or any of its branches (i.e. Learn about Pylephlebitis»
  • Pyle RFC
    Learn about Pyle RFC
    Pyle Rugby Football Club is a Welsh rugby union team based in Pyle, Wales, UK. The club is a member of the Welsh Rugby Union and is a feeder club for the Ospreys. Learn about Pyle RFC»
Youtube Videos
  • Gomer Pyle: Bayonet training In this Season 1 episode (The Feudin' Pyles), Sgt. Carter (Frank Sutton)does his best to teach the art of bayonet warfare to the idiotic Pvt. Pyle (Jim Nabors).
  • PYLE DJ laptop stand review Here is a link to the Pyle PLPTS55 Portable, Folding Tabletop laptop Stand MY Mix-Track Pro 3 My fav CHeap DJ ...
  • pyle gear plg6c ITBZ Like. Comment. Share. Subscribe. ;) Pyle PLG6C 6.5-Inch 400-Watt 2-Way Custom Component System by Pyle amazon link: Details:This Custom Kit ...
  • PYLE PT590AU Amp review vid I just got this baby and wanted to make a review vid right off the bat from opening the box so everyone can see what i see. Super functional, nice sound and ...

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