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USB Sound Card Adapter External USB 2.0 Audio Sound Card Adapter for Table PC Laptop Desktop Windows Mac OS Linux, Plug and Play, No drivers Needed View Price »

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Dimension: 7.9 x1.34 x 0.51in (LxWxH)
Package Size: 8.1x 2.6 x 0.9in (LxWxH)
 Package Weight: 51g / 1.8oz


1.3.5mm jack like headset headphone or microphone stoping working
2.Having issues with the headphopne output cutting in and out
3.Sound card in the computer dying or losting connection with motherboard
4.Switching between gaming headphones and microphone without having to unplug anything from computer
5.Using an analog microphone on PC
6.For whose computer/laptop/desktop audio card dies or lost connnection with motherboard
7.For whose iMac/Mac Mini devices only had 1 audio jack that acted as both a headphone output and a microphone input. With this device, you can plug in two different audio outputs as well as an input and using microphone and headphone together
8.For who needs louder sound but their devices can not do by themselves or not satisfied with your computer's sound quality

Q:There is no sound when plug in

A:Make sure the microphone/headphone jack had been plugged into the right port. The green port is for microphone, the red one is for headphone and the black one is for game headset. Then check the condition of connection. If they're in loose connection, the product will malfunction

Q:The microphone has no sound, you can not chat with others

A:Plug the micro and headphone correctly and check the system of your device. How to set, steps as below
(1)Double click the volume icon (mini speaker) which is on the bottom right of your computer
(2)Select "option"---"properties" and tick "microphone" in the pop-up main volume dialog window
(3)Click"microphone strengthen" if you want the microphone volume back to "high ranking"

Package Contains:
1 x USB Sound Card Adapter
 1 x Instruction Manual

BindingPersonal Computers
Product GroupPersonal Computer
Release Date2017-09-25
Package Quantity1
Part NumberBEN-B072BMG9TB-B
Aspect RatioUnknown

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