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Numark Mixtrack Platinum | 4-channel DJ Controller With 4-deck Layering and Hi-Res Display for Serato DJ View Price »

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From Numark—the world’s leading innovator of DJ equipment and technology—comes the new Mixtrack Platinum. We kept everything you love about the Mixtrack controller series but added advanced features you need to reach and stay on the next level.

The Mixtrack Platinum gives you a two-channel mixer with four channel deck layering at your disposal, so you can remix on the fly utilizing loops and a cappella tracks or create a mashup mix. LCDs on each jog wheel give visual feedback of beats per minute (BPM), needle drop, time remaining in song, key lock, and active deck, so you can stay on top of your work without taking your eyes off the controller.

A built-in soundcard outputs audio directly to your headphones and speakers when connected to a computer via USB.

The Mixtrack Platinum features two touch-sensitive metal jog wheels and two 100mm-long, responsive pitch sliders so you can perfectly sync your songs. There are filter and equalizer knobs, and 16 performance pads for samples and cues. A pair of multi-function touch strips offer dynamic FX control and needle-drop track searching.

With all that, the Mixtrack Platinum still weighs less than 14 pounds—portable enough to go where you need it for your mobile DJ set-up.

The Platinum is everything you need: accessible for a beginner without anything to hold you back once you’re a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which DJ software comes with the Mixtrack Platinum?
The Numark Mixtrack Platinum comes shipped with Serato DJ Intro. As an option, users can also use Serato DJ 1.7.5 and up with their Mixtrack Platinum. Note: these can be upgraded to Serato DJ through additional purchase or previously activation.

Does the Mixtrack Platinum work with Virtual DJ, Traktor and other DJ programs?
Since the hardware controls appear to your computer as a generic MIDI device, it can indeed be custom-mapped to any other DJ application that supports user or developer-created custom mapping.

Are the Prime Loops and TOOLROOM packs “light” versions?
No, they are the full versions.

Do you have to install any additional drivers for the Mixtrack Platinum?
No. The DJ Controller is a class compliant device so there are no additional drivers to install, and it supports both Mac and PC.

What song information is on the display screen?
Beats Per Minute (BPM); needle drop; time remaining in song; key lock; and which deck you are on.

What is the Mixtrack Platinum made of?
High impact polymer composite which provides strength and durability as well as making it lightweight.

Are the performance pads velocity-sensitive?
No. The pads are not velocity-sensitive.

Does the mic output to the booth, master or both?
The mic outputs to your master output only.

Technical Specs

Box Contents

LabelinMusic Brands Inc.
ManufacturerinMusic Brands Inc.
Product GroupMusical Instruments
PublisherinMusic Brands Inc.
StudioinMusic Brands Inc.
Package Quantity4
ModelMixtrack Platinum
MPNMixtrack Platinum
Part NumberMixtrack Platinum
Size2.01 x 9.49 x 21.61
Catalog Number ListLN78975

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