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Zulu DJ Software - Complete DJ Mixing Program for Professionals and Beginners [Download] View Price »

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BindingSoftware Download
Product GroupDigital Video Games
Release Date2015-05-23
BrandNCH Software

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  • Zulu DJ Software | Overview This tutorial will show you how to navigate Zulu DJ Software. The video describes the playlist and video tab, the decks used to play songs, how the play controls function, how to use the effects...
  • Zulu DJ Software | Tutorial Zulu is virtual DJ software you can use on your desktop or laptop. Mix track after track during live performances, or simply let Zulu be the DJ for you. This video introduces you to the Zulu...
  • Zulu DJ Software Tutorial | GUI Overview This video is an overview of the GUI for Zulu DJ Software. This video will cover adding music, creating playlists, using the A and B decks, basic controls and AutoPlay mode. Download Zulu...
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