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Grant-Worthy: Getting Your Business or Organization Set Up to Win Private and Government Grants (The Road to Government Contracts and Grants Book 2) View Price »

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Do you know how to make your organization GRANT-WORTHY?

What are the distinguishing factors that set grant-winning nonprofits and corporations apart from those that do not win? Author Linda Chatmon offers readers a concise, no-nonsense handbook that simplifies the process of making an organization or corporation attractive to funding sources.

Grant-Worthy is the second title in The Road to Government Contracts and Grants series, published by Linda's company, Contracts and Grants, LLC. This must-read guide gives for-profit and non-profit organizations a critical checklist that will help readers quickly assess their strengths and weaknesses.

Find out once and for all why that much-needed funding keeps slipping through your fingers.

AuthorLinda Chatmon
BindingKindle Edition
LabelContracts and Grants, LLC
ManufacturerContracts and Grants, LLC
Product GroupeBooks
PublisherContracts and Grants, LLC
StudioContracts and Grants, LLC
Publication Date2015-01-13
FormatKindle eBook
Release Date2015-01-13

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Shop for Grant-Worthy: Getting Your Business or Organization Set Up to Win Private and Government Grants (The Road to Government Contracts and Grants Book 2)

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