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Numark N-Wave 360 | Powered Desktop DJ Monitor Speakers (3" woofer / 60 watts) View Price »

View Price »

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The Numark N-Wave 360 system includes two matched speaker cabinets to offer the bedroom DJ impressive sound in a compact format.

Each contains a 1-inch silk dome tweeter—with blue LED illumination—matched with a 3-inch woofer via a precision crossover circuit. The onboard amplification system can deliver up to 60 watts of peak power.

These magnetically shielded powered monitors won’t interfere with other electronics, and they offer extra protection when used near a video monitor. The amplification system for both speakers is mounted in one unit, so only one speaker needs a power connection. Connect the second cabinet using the plug-in speaker cable (included.)

The volume knob is conveniently located on the front panel for easy access. High-density materials increase efficiency, and bass porting improves the low-end response.

For more low-end punch, there's an electronic bass-boost circuit, as well as a subwoofer output that can be used to add a powered subwoofer to the N-Wave 360 monitoring system.

Technical Specs

Product GroupMusical Instruments
Publication Date2015-08-11
Release Date2014-10-01
Package Quantity1
Part NumberN-WAVE 360
Warranty90 days
Size3" woofer

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