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Numark DJ iO2 | USB DJ Audio Interface for Laptop Performers (24-bit / 44.1 kHz) View Price »

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The Numark DJ|iO2 is a compact, portable audio interface expressly designed for DJ’s, mobile music producers and other musicians who work with computers. Both in size and price, it’s now easier than ever to fit it into your setup.

Numark’s original DJ|iO audio interface offered mobile DJs, music producers, and computer musicians a simple way to get up and running with any DJ controller that lacked a built-in audio interface. DJ|iO2 is an updated and enhanced version of DJ|iO that features new routing capabilities and the ability to record audio directly to your computer.

DJs and other performers can employ DJ|iO2 in a wide variety of performance environments, including setups involving music-mixing software and a hardware controller such as TOTAL CONTROL, STEALTH CONTROL, or MixMeister Control.

Other performers, including CD DJs and non-musician computer users, can appreciate DJ|iO’s portability and small footprint. DJ|iO2 features high-quality, audio playback with 24-bit / 44.1 kHz resolution and an ultra-low-latency signal path designed for real-time, pro-quality mixing.

Its RCA stereo outputs integrate with main sound systems, and an onboard 1/4” headphone output lets you cue and output your main mix simultaneously. DJ|iO2 also has a 1/4” microphone for MCing, performing, and singing. DJ|iO2 includes the ability to record the mix and microphone signals onto your computer.

Record sets, live shows, practices, performances, and more, and then use your laptop for additional editing and post-production. DJ|iO2 makes it easy to share your recorded sets with your friends and fans. DJ|iO2 comes with a compact, portable design that leaves a small footprint on the stage or your desktop. Plus, it’s powered over USB and supports plug-and-play for maximum portability.

You can also power DJ|iO2 via wall power with a six-volt AC adapter (sold separately).

Frequently Asked Questions

What operating systems is the DJ iO2 supported on?
The DJ iO2 is a class-compliant device, meaning that it is plug-and-play and does not require any additional drivers to operate properly on a Mac or PC. It is absolutely supported for use with Windows 8 and Mac 10.9 Mavericks operating systems. It will also work on most older computers running Windows XP, Vista or 7 as well as most Mac operating systems that are 10.4 or later.

Is the DJ iO2 compatible with an Apple iOS device?
Yes! The DJ iO2 will function with nearly any iOS device with the iPad Camera Connection Kit (not included). The DJ iO2 will work with most iOS applications that have preferences that allow you to adjust the soundcard being used and allow you to assign outputs.

What is the recording resolution and sample rate?
The DJ iO2 is supported for 24–bit and 44.1 kHz, with two audio streams for 1 master output and 1 headphone cue output.

Will the DJ iO2 work with USB 3.0 ports?
Yes! The DJ iO2 works with USB 3.0 ports as well as USB 2.0 ports.

How do you know if the DJ iO2 is getting power?
When the DJ iO2 is getting powered properly there will be hub powered lights on the side of the unit.

Is the mic input high or low impedance?
The microphone input on the DJ iO2 is a low-z (impedance) 1/4” TS input.

Will the microphone input transmit audio to my DJ software?
The 1/4” TS microphone input is a Mic Through input meaning that it transmits audio directly to the master outputs on the DJ iO2 only and does not send audio into the computer.

Does the DJ iO2 have phantom power?
The DJ iO2 does not have phantom power +48V capability.

Does the headphone volume knob send MIDI to the computer?
The Headphone Volume knob adjust local audio to the headphone output on the DJ iO2 and does not send MIDI information to the computer.

Product GroupMusical Instruments
Publication Date2014-08-01
Package Quantity1
Part NumberDJIO II
Warranty90 days
Catalog Number ListLN58367

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