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ADJ Products 1.5-Inch Plastic o Clamp 360 Degree Wrap Around Clamp View Price »

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O-Clamp 1.5
Front View
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Open View
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On truss
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  • 360 degree clamp that wraps around truss tubing
  • Securely mounts fixtures to truss
  • Non scuffing - Non scratching - Non scoring - Non denting
  • Works great for the ADJ LTS-1, LTS-2, and LTS-30 lighting stands

LabelADJ Products
ManufacturerADJ Products
Product GroupMusical Instruments
PublisherADJ Products
StudioADJ Products
Publication Date2013-06-14
Package Quantity1
BrandADJ Products
ModelO-clamp 1.5
MPNO-clamp 1.5
Part NumberO-clamp 1.5
Warranty365 days 1 year

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