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So you love to perform, but hate hauling a bulky DJ controller to each gig? Numark feels your pain, and has your prescription: DJ2GO. With the DJ2GO controller, you can throw your entire rig in a backpack, set up in minutes - and be ready to mix. Affordable and portable, DJ2GO lets you control your favorite DJ software with a tactile feel you can't get from a computer keyboard and mouse.

Product GroupMusical Instruments
Publication Date2011-05-30
Release Date2011-05-30
Package Quantity1
ModelDJ to Go
Part NumberDJ2GO
Warranty1 year parts and labor
Catalog Number ListLN39837
AccessoriesNovation Nocturn Compact Intelligent Plug-In Desktop Controller with Automap Universal Technology
Legal DisclaimerProduct is New and sale is Final

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