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Estes, tandem x launch set, pair of high performance rockets, Amazon towers almost 3' high, easy to assemble, Tiger striped body tube, pre-colored plastic nose cone & fins & self stick decals make building this rocket easy to do in about an hour, when flown on standard engines, this rocket can reach heights over 650' with recovery on a 18" preassembled parachute, the crossfire 6 rocket kit that can be built in about a day, features a streamlined shape with aerodynamic fins & nose cone, rocket length is 15,6", when launched with standard engines, crossfire can reach heights up to 1,200', preassembled 12" parachute is included, launch system includes astron II launch controller & astron II launch pad.

Product GroupHobby
Package Quantity1
Part Number1469
Warranty DescriptionParts
WarrantyFull One-Year Warranty
Size30 inches
Catalog Number List149-ESTT1469
Legal Disclaimerno returns
Item Part Number1469

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