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This great Ingles Adjustable Cello and Bass Stand allows you to keep your instrument and bow, with its endpin extended, always ready to play. Folding nearly flat for storage, it features two height-adjustable cushioned arms to support the instrument's bottom and a third with a safety bar to secure the neck. The bow hangs from a cushioned hook out of harm's way, behind the instrument and off the floor. Grip knobs for easy adjustment to height of stand.

LabelU.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.
ManufacturerU.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.
Product GroupMusical Instruments
PublisherU.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.
StudioU.S. Band & Orchestra Supplies Inc.
Publication Date2014-04-21
Release Date2009-09-22
Package Quantity1
Part NumberSA-22
WarrantyContact manufacturer
Catalog Number ListSA22

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