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Odyssey once again introduces a product you can use at every gig. The DJ Chair from Odyssey allows you to sit back at a comfortable height while reducing fatigue and stress on your back and legs during those long gigs. The 5 adjustment levels, from 19" to 33", make you look cool without the appearance of sitting back on the job. (For more information about this product and other Odyssey products visit our website at www.odysseygear.com)

LabelOdyssey Innovative Designs
ManufacturerOdyssey Innovative Designs
Product GroupMusical Instruments
PublisherOdyssey Innovative Designs
StudioOdyssey Innovative Designs
Publication Date2008-11-01
Release Date2008-11-01
Package Quantity1
Part NumberDJCHAIR
Catalog Number ListDJCHAIR

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