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The CBI MLC20 is a 20 foot mic cable that's built to last and priced to save you big money! This is a low-z cable with high quality XLR male and female connectors. It's compatible with any XLR connection-microphones, mixers, recorders... or anywhere else you need a high quality XLR connection. Complete with a 90-day warranty.

LabelCBI Cables
ManufacturerCBI Cables
Product GroupMusical Instruments
PublisherCBI Cables
StudioCBI Cables
Release Date2008-04-28
Package Quantity1
BrandCBI Cables
ModelCBI MLC20
Part NumberCBI MLC20
WarrantyWarranty: 10 Years; MLC-20 Microphone Cable: 90 Days
AccessoriesMonster CIT LGY-50 Large Diameter Gray Cable-It Wire Management System (50 feet)

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