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DJ Dom Servini delves into the ways in which latin music, in all of its many forms, has influenced today's music scene. The `Beginner's Guide To Latin Lounge' shows how the spirit of traditional sounds out of Cuba, Puerto Rico, and Spain (to name but a few) has influenced producers from Bristol to Bergen, stopping off on the way in more predictable origins, such as Havana and Barcelona. There are cutting edge sounds a plenty here, with artists like Ojos De Brujo, Gecko Turner and Los Rumbers rubbing shoulders with less likely contenders Espen Horne, Radio Citizen and Paul Murphy. There's plenty of remix pressure too, with West London don Seiji, Italian master Gerardo Frisina and Brixton b-boy Spiritual South all contributing to this sinfully sunny selection of latin inspired gems.

BindingAudio CD
Product GroupMusic
FormatBox set
Release Date2007-03-12
Package Quantity1
Number Of Discs3
ArtistBeginners Guide to Latin Lounge


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