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Hosa CMP-153 3.5 mm TRS to Dual 1/4 inch TS Stereo Breakout Cable, 3 feet View Price »

View Price »

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The Hosa CMP153 splits a Stereo Minijack signal into Left and Right quarter-inch connections. For 20 Years, Hosa has provided a cost effective solution to the cabling needs of musicians, engineers, and audio and video enthusiasts the world over. In an effort to further meet those needs, Hosa continues to add new products that make the creative individual's life easier. Indeed, much of what Hosa offers is the direct result of suggestions made by customers and retailers.

Product GroupMusical Instruments
Publication Date2015-08-19
Release Date2010-03-01
Package Quantity1
ModelHOS CMP153
Part NumberCMP-153
WarrantyLimited lifetime
Catalog Number ListASC796202AIN02
AccessoriesMonster CIT LGY-50 Large Diameter Gray Cable-It Wire Management System (50 feet)

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